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I'm here to help you unlock your message with meaning and share it with the world using value-led marketing strategies that take advantage of the connection and opportunity of social media, so you can go from just another life coach to leader of your own movement.

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ONLINE marketing campaign coach

You'll understand how to get more interest in your coaching and eyeballs to your offers with with campaigns that grow your subscribers, followers and income.

Let's get clear on your next big marketing move designed to leverage your distinct difference and rise above all the noise to inspire your best clients to transform.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works FOR YOU.

You're in the right place.

"I’d recommend Victoria’s Facebook skills to anyone."

Lewis Howes


"Victoria's great to work with!"

Danielle LaPorte


Let's Get Stuck In...

Join a community where you get to learn and activate proven campaign strategies to grow your audience, make top-selling offers and sell out with ease.


Dive in to the best business strategy resources for life coaches who are ready to own their message and share it to shift minds and hearts.


Want to revamp your messaging and offers to radically boost conversions? Private monthly consulting or VIP Days are your best bet.


So I just tallied up my revenue from last week... really haven't been tracking it as I've been so focused on content creations, discovery calls, serving clients and just life... 

I made $11,385 in 7 days!

December just might be my best month ever?!

So incredibly grateful, Victoria and everyone in the mastermind and sooooo excited!

Working on my live launch and webinar now. 

— Hayley 

"$11,385 in 7 Days!"

“You can't have it all, but when you're an in-demand life coach you can get pretty close!”

— ME



You'll discover how to refine your target market, create a compelling marketing message with meaning and call in all the high-paying clients you need.

Get personalised guidance, proven templates and workbooks and a step-by-step roadmap to more clients and more money.

Get Mentoring & Guidance From A Seasoned Online Marketing Pro


You've already got some results on the board, and you want to leverage what you have and grow.

I have replaced my previous 6-figure salary with my business revenue (WHAT?!) and I couldn’t have done it without Victoria.

— Jodie 

"I couldn’t have done it without Victoria"



If you're ready to get more consistent results, reach more people and fill your offers with ease, then you need my help!

I've learned to sell anything and everything online, using the power of social media, email marketing, Facebook Ads and powerful messaging and offers.

I'm relentless about results and I know my stuff when it comes to lead-generation and conversion for coaches.

Get The System To Generate Endless Leads Online And Convert Them Into Paying Clients You Love Using Common- Sense Marketing That Works!


You want practical and accessible marketing, lead generation and conversion strategies that gives you results-oriented advice and support.


The year I started online coaching and consulting


Number of profitable six-figure revenue years in my business.


My clients' combined revenue this past year


Total Managed Facebook Ad Spend Since 2011

"Victoria, I doubled my prices and 4 clients immediately signed up!"


raised her prices:


"Thanks for helping me get out of my own way, Victoria. I no longer feel like I'm second guessing myself and I love my clients!"


quit her job & replaced her salary:


"I'm headed in the right direction and have what I need to succeed, which I would not have had without all the a-ha's and wins I got in Coach Co."


landed her niche & raised her price:


real results

"Victoria's business coaching leaves nothing to chance."

Her proven strategies and compassionate guidance lead to the kind of up-levelling you could never do alone.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

"If you want to cut through the fluff and get down to business right away, Victoria is your girl."

With her wicked smart marketing strategies, a keen eye on what's truly working right now and her ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage, Victoria's mentoring and coaching style is hands down the best of the best.

Amy Porterfield

"If you want to supercharge your traffic, talk to Victoria."

Marie Forleo

"I'd recommend Victoria's Facebook marketing skills to everyone."

Lewis Howes

“Victoria’s great to work with.”

Danielle LaPorte

— Fiona 

“I’m so much more confident than I was when I started working with Victoria. I’m now a real CEO of a multi-million dollar business!”

“"You always believed in me, supported me, and were the most incredible (and only!) business coach I've ever had." ”

alanna made $1 million in revenue

Victoria, you've been so instrumental in the growth of my business. You always stood by me, believed in me and showed me how to be a class act boss babe as an internet entrepreneur.

You are pure magic, Victoria.

Thank you ONE MILLION times for being an instrumental part of my journey.

“Before working with Victoria I had been struggling with my price structure and the direction I wanted to take with my business model. ”

Rachel consistently generates a 5-figure monthly income

In just one session Victoria's strategies helped me bring in an extra $2,250 per month, eradicated all the doubt I had surrounding my fees and helped me redefine my business model.

She also helped me identify an amazing value add for my clients, bring a program idea to life and gain even more confidence in my ability to consistently generate a 5-figure monthly income.

All this from just ONE session!

Victoria is a brilliant coach who is sharp, savvy and on point. Love her to bits and am SO thankful to have had her guidance.

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